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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

odds and ends

(cross posted at Midcentury Modern Moms) (inspired by Ora)

Usually I have a full blog post on a single topic. 

Today I just have a few odds and ends.

I didn't know whether to cheer for Jen, hug her or kill her the other night.  She was in the library until 11:30 PM studying for a heavy-duty midterm.  Then she walked all alone from the library, across a dark campus, to her car to drive home.  She told me she was too lazy to look up the number for public safety to get someone to walk with her.  The next day I looked up the number and sent it to her via text message.

Becca's Halloween costume this year was supposed to be Hermione Granger.  She ordered it on line but didn't get it in time for Halloween. She figures she can wear the costume to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in a couple of weeks.  She already has her tickets, of course.  we're all big fans of Harry -- you know I used to have to buy three copies of each new Harry Potter book, because none of us had the patience to wait for the others to finish reading the book.

I'm not sure how Jen plans to spend her birthday this year, but I did make her laugh when I pointed out that daylight savings time ends on her birthday, so she's going to have 25 hours instead of the usual 24 in which to celebrate. Her father sent her a goody basket full of candy, so there's going to be a sweet time at Jen's house on Sunday.

Then there was the Election Day crisis. Not in the voting booth.  Becca called me in a panic because there was a "hold" on her student account, she didn't know why, and she had to get the "hold" lifted ASAP so that she can register for spring semester tomorrow.  Of course mom figured it out and resolved the problem.

Got a letter from Becca's school, asking me to buy a "care package" to be delivered to her during finals week.  Major dilemma -do I go with the healthy snacks or the junk food, or maybe a combination of both?  wound up doing the combo pack, of course.

I'm already stressing about Thanksgiving.  Jen and Becca are going to want to spend the holiday with our family -- meaning my parents and sisters.  Their father (my ex husband and current boyfriend) wants them to come to his house.  Oy!  The drama that my life has become....

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