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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

A better week on Weight Watchers, lost 2.8 pounds and my brand new jeans are starting to feel a bit loose. Now I need to motivate myself to go to the gym....the gym bag is packed and on the back seat of my car, but....

Never did get a chance to see last week's show.  Moving right along to this week's show...

apparently they're in teams now.  this week one member of each team will weigh in,  the blue team will choose which black team member will weigh in and visa versa.

and then there was the cooking challenge.  half of each team cooked, half judged.   celebrity chefs looked on.  the teams tied!  the tiebreaker is to guess the calories in your team's dessert.  black team is having team wins, the reward is a 10 second advantage at the next challenge.

a dragon boat race?

if you win, you can block the other team's first pick for the weigh-in.

and blue team wins!

then it's the last-chance workout.

and then it's time to weigh in.

blue team picks Elizabeth to weigh in for the black team.

black team chooses Jessica to weigh in for blue team.  do they block her or do they let her weigh in?

they decline their option to block Jessica.

the other team members will weigh in first, though it won't "count".

Elizabeth lost  5 pounds, 2.29%.

Jessica needs more than 5 pounds to beat Elizabeth.

She lost 4.

everyone else on blue would  have beaten Elizabeth.

Mark has the highest percentage of weight loss on the blue team, he's safe.  everyone else on blue is up for elimination.

it's a tie between Jessica and Adam, so black team gets to make the decision.

and Adam goes home.

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