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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday stress

(cross posted at Midcentury Modern Moms)

Can I just go spend the next four days on some tropical island?

I am just so tired of being in the middle!

My ex husband/current boyfriend wants our girls to spend Thanksgiving with him.

My parents and sisters want the girls to spend the day with them.  Drew is NOT invited.

Drew's suggestion, a compromise -- lunch at his house, dinner at my parents.  the girls aren't thrilled with that, but they're OK with it.

My sisters are up in arms!  they told my parents that Jen was hysterically crying about how she "didn't want to go" to her father's house.

My parents are upset because my sisters are upset. 

And I am being portrayed as evil incarnate because I dared to support a father's right to see his daughters for the holiday.

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