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Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas in NYC

Once again, it's December, time for another NYC Christmas.

This year will be a bit different.  I'm not working in Jersey City anymore, no more funky decorations in the lobby of my office building.  I'll be in lower Manhattan once a week, maybe I'll have a chance to see Zuccotti Park and the Wall Street tree and the South Street Seaport.

And, as usual,  Drew and I are planning a trip to see the Rockefeller Center tree and all the holiday windows.

I promise plenty of photos.

Here are my posts from previous years:

The 2008 posts:

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No trip into the city in 2011 -- that was the year I was under the weather all month.

And 2012's post -- no photos, but a good description:

The 2013 trip

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