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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Carnegie Part 1

Who eats together at the Carnegie Deli? (With apologies to Adam Sandler) the answer is NOT Bowser from Sha Na Na and Arthur Fonzarelli.

Two delis opened in NYC in 1937. -- the now-closed Stage Deli, located on 7th Avenue near 54th Street, and the Carnegie Deli, located on 7th and 57th. The rivals were known for oversized sandwiches named for celebrities, Jewish delicacies such as matzoh ball soup, and cheesecake. All the things that I am genetically programmed to seek out.

We liked the late Stage Deli, we ate there several times. It was very upsetting when the place closed in 2012.  A piece of Old Nw York was gone.

But fear not, the legacy lives on at the Carnegie.

Neither of us had ever been there before. But with tickets to an event at Carnegie Hall (more about that later) and without any other ideas for dinner, we figured we'd give it a try.

The crowded, cramped room with celebrity photos covering the walls seemed familiar. If you're claustrophobic you might want to skip this place, the tables are thisclose together.

But the food ... A bit overpriced (as expected), but we were not disappointed. I had my usual pastrami on rye -- so much meat piled on the bread that the sandwich threatened to fall apart when I picked it up.  The pastrami was tender and tasty. Drew ordered tongue, which he said was much leaner than at other delis. It being the first night of Chanukah, we also ordered potato pancakes -- three enormous pancakes served with sour cream and applesauce. I liked them, but Drew said they were a little greasy -- an overabundance of the "miracle of the oil".

In most delis you will be served pickles and cole slaw while you wait for your order. Here there is no cole slaw. But the pickles -- very sour, very garlicky, very good.

Alas, no room for dessert. Iguess we will have to come back for some cheesecake.

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