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Sunday, December 21, 2014

This is getting old

The bomb threat made news again.  Tuesday's newspaper carried the story of an arrest made Monday - a 17 year old junior at the school charged with a misdemeanor for "unauthorized use of a computer" in October.    He wasn't charged with making the threats.  That might happen eventually.

Apparently when he was picked up by the police a couple of weeks ago, he was not arrested, but merely questioned.  The rumor mill got it wrong.

The article wasn't very detailed, but my guess is that the young man hacked into someone's computer (the school's?) in order to send the threats.

There is speculation that he had an accomplice.

There was another threat Tuesday night, but the police were apparently aware that the threat was going to be made.

Very eerie driving past the school and seeing such a heavy police presence.

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