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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Another this and that

Christmas week and all is quiet in the office. Looking forward to a few days off.

Though I am worried about our administrative assistant. She's out sick with something long term and serious. The last time I saw her, she looked like death warmed over. Her brother told our project manager that she will be out of the office for awhile.

Funny how a 20-something adult can instantly revert to helpless teen. I got the "mom, what do I do?" call on Sunday -- Jen had a flat tire. And she needed to get it fixed ASAP so she could drive to Rhode Island with her boyfriend on Monday.

Yes, Jen is the one running around with a boyfriend these days. And he must really rate, if she took him up to Rhode Island.

Becca, on the other hand, is spending a lot of time with her friends, girls she's known since kindergarten. She's also apartment hunting, with plans to move into the city within the next few months.

The work on my parents' house progresses. We are living in chaos as workers rip and tear apart the walls that have housed us for 45 years. Ultimately we will have something wonderful, but for now ...

And what makes things even more unnerving... Dementia patients thrive on routine, on sameness ... The chaos in our home leaves my father, and to a lesser extent my mother, feeling lost and confused.

It so hard dealing with my parents these days, with their ailments and disabilities. But having gone to yet another funeral last weekend, I realize how lucky I am to still have parents to complain about.

As for me and Drew ... We are both dealing with doctor's appointments, medical tests ... It's stressful and uncomfortable. Drew had major meltdown the other day over a seemingly minor situation -- it was the straw that broke the camel's back, the catalyst for acting out over his fears and worries about the bigger picture. And I am struggling to not get sucked into the abyss of "what ifs", preferring to find out "what is" so that I can focus on treating whatever it is.

But our social plans for this holiday week are starting to really come together. I am looking forward to a lot of fun over the next week or so.

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