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Saturday, December 6, 2014

And so the drama begins

It was inevitable. The moment Drew and I committed to New Year's Eve with the usual gang, I knew there would be drama.

So after Drew went to the trouble of researching the cost per person to cater a party at his house (an expense to be shared by the group), the person who suggested that we have a house party is suddenly backing out ... Not sure what she wants to do on New Year's.

So now we are looking at restaurants.

Which involves sensitivity to food allergies -- one member of the group is allergic to tomatoes, easily avoided when you're ordering from the regular menu, not as easy if you're being offered a special holiday dinner with few options.

Which involves discussion of cost. How much is a reasonable amount to spend? Some of us have different ideas...what most of us feel is reasonable will inevitably be declared "too expensive" by a certain member of the group.

And to think I could have spent the evening with Sir Elton ...

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