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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The treasures in the closet

I mentioned that we're having major work done at the house.  Part of that is a complete renovation of the kitchen.  As in, we are tearing out the cabinets, the appliances,  even the floor. 
My parents bought the house in 1968, and while they did occasional updates (the avocado green appliances are long gone), they never did a complete renovation until now.
So we had to empty out all the cabinets.
And we have discovered many things that we forgot we had.  A 60 year old blender.  A juicer from the 1960's.  A crockpot from the 1980's.
Depression glass.
Back in the 1930's, it was common for movie theater owners to give away dishes and glassware in order to encourage customers to come.    My father used to love to talk about getting dishes at the movies.
Someone in my family collected pieces of Ruby Red glasses, and those pieces wound up in my mother's possession. I remember using the juice glasses when I was a little girl, but when we moved to this house, the glasses were placed in the back of a cabinet and never seen again.
This being the 21st century,  I looked on the Internet to determine the value of the glassware.  The monetary value isn't significant.
But the sentimental value ...

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