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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our annual Christmas in NYC

You know the routine by now,  We pick a day to take the train into the city, and then we walk...and walk.

This year we went on the day after Christmas, a Friday.  Weather was relatively warm and comfortable.  And very, very crowded.

We started at Macy's.  this year the marquis was decorated with SpongeBob.  The 34th Street windows have a "Yes, Virginia" theme (I miss "Miracle on 34th Street").  The Herald Square windows had Santa and some children travelling to all the planets in our solar system.

 photo PhotoGrid_1419687949982.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1419688015654.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1419688108215.jpg

We walked over the 5th Avenue and started  with Lord & Taylor.

 photo PhotoGrid_1419688386193.jpg

We stopped  for a snack.  I got a pretzel, Drew chose a hot dog.

 photo 2014-12-27 08.56.10.jpg

Then on to Bryant Park and the New York Public Library.  There are shops in the park.  We always stop at the chocolate shop for a free sample; the chocolate is so rich and creamy that you're not supposed to chew it, just let it melt in your mouth.

 photo PhotoGrid_1419688715365.jpg Had an interesting encounter with a Buddhist monk on the steps of the library.  He put a beaded bracelet on my wrist then tried to hit me up for $20.  I gave back the bracelet and gave him $2 for "peace and love".

Next up, Sax Fifth Avenue. Art Deco windows, traditional fairy tales done NYC style.

 photo PhotoGrid_1419688938188.jpg  photo 20141226_160928.jpg  photo 20141226_160928.jpg photo 20141226_160904.jpg photo 20141226_160925.jpg Over to Madison Avenue.  We passed a branch of Wells Fargo, and I noticed this inside the bank.

 photo 20141226_162430.jpg
(My earworm of the moment came from The Music Man..."The Wells Fargo Wagon is a'coming....")

Barney's always has some sort of modern, technology driven windows.   They also do live performances in the windows, but we didn't get a chance to see that.

 photo 20141226_163602.jpg

We walked back to 5th Avenue.  There's a giant menorah at Grand Army Plaza.  It's not lit up anymore, Chanukah is over.  We wanted to see it when we saw Eric Idle at Carnegie Hall, but it was raining that night.

 photo IMG_20141227_090914.jpg Of course there's the Snowflake hanging over 5th Avenue.

 photo IMG_20141227_091029.jpg Bergdorf Goodman's windows were dedicated to the arts.

 photo 20141226_165744.jpg

 photo 20141226_165612.jpg

And then it was back down to Sax and Rockefeller Center. By now it was getting dark.

Then on to the tree.

 photo 20141226_172653.jpg
 photo IMG_20141227_091110.jpg

 photo IMG_20141227_091204.jpg We found ourselves in Times Square. 

 photo IMG_20141227_091226.jpg
Then on to Chinatown and dinner at Wo Hop. 

One thing I've always liked about the city:  the music.  From the carolers outside the church on 5th Avenue to the hip hop dancers in Times Square to the saxophone player in the 42nd Street subway station to the guy in the Canal Street station playing some Chinese instrument I could never name, the city has a rhythm and a tone line no other place in the world.

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