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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Awhile back, Drew and I picked up dinner from a then-newly-opened Smashburger on Long Island, and I was not pleased.  In hindsight I think we just had a bad night -- Drew mixed up the burgers,  I wound up with the one he ordered, and he wound up with mine, so I was a bit peeved.  Later, after he heard so many good things about the chain, Drew went back.  And really liked what he ordered.  I wasn't so sure I'd want to try it again.

But last summer, I found myself working temporarily in the Financial District.  And I watched a new Smashburger being built about a block from my office.  And I decided I would try Smashburger again as soon as the place opened.  Then the job relocated to Long Island, with occasional trips to the city to meet with the client.

So one day I came across a news item:  Smashburger was giving away burgers, but only at its newest location at 136 William Street.  the irony?  The giveaway was the day before my next meeting with the client.  Ugh.

So of course I had to try Smashburger at my next opportunity.

I had the BBQ Bacon and cheddar burger -- a hamburger topped with cheddar cheese, applewood bacon, barbecue sauce and haystack onions(similar to onion rings) on an egg bun.   burger was juicy and flavorful, barbecue sauce kept the burger moist but wasn't drippy or runny. 

I decided to keep it simple with the side dish, I ordered regular fries:  shoestring potatoes seasoned with salt.  Decent fries, not spectacular, but next time I might go a bit more exotic.

Theere's a serve-yourself soda fountain.  I have to admit that I was disappointed, so many new places opening up these days have a freestyle coke machine...

So the next time someone says "Want to go to Smashburger?"  my answer will be a definite "Yes."

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