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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hug your children

Jen and Becca spent their childhood summers at day camp.  Later, in their teen years, they enjoyed a teen travel program sponsored by the camp.  Jen's first real job was as a counselor at the camp, and Becca worked as a CIT.  Jen continues to work there every summer.

So of course they had lots of camp friends.  Boys and girl with similar backgrounds, similar interests. And because my girls are close in age, they know a lot of the same people from the camp.

Jen and I were talking last night, and I asked her if she plans to work at the camp again this summer.  She said yes.

And then she interrupted me because she got a text message from Becca.

It was about a young man they both knew.  He'd been in Becca's group at camp, had travelled with her to various places up and down the East a Coast.  

He'd worked at the camp.  He was there last summer, Jen said she spent some time hanging out with him.

Last night Becca heard from one of her camp friends.  The news was awful.

The young man committed suicide.

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