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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another this and that

Lots going on around here.

Jen and Becca were in a minor car accident Saturday night.  (Frightening thought for any mom!).  Jen's car was rear-ended while she was stopped at a red light.  Both girls were a little sore for a day or two, but they're ok.  There are some dings and scratches on Jen's car, but nothing major.  Significant damage to the car that hit them, though.  Becca tweeted that the driver hit on them ...

The scary part, however, happened while they were exchanging information and waiting for the police.  Another, far more serious accident took place across the street -- when a truck ran a red light and hit a car, and the car went spinning out of control.  The car's driver was taken away in an ambulance.  My girls were lucky ...

And you should have seen Jen do her happy dance Sunday night when she found out the school district opted for a two-hour delayed opening Monday morning because of the bad weather.  Sometimes she acts like she's still 12 years old. 

That was the morning Becca needed a ride to the county clerk's office.  She had to file some papers for her boss.  Took her all of three minutes, I think.  I drove her there (it's good to have a mom who knows how to get to the courthouse) and dropped her off at the train station so she could go to work.

I am so sick of this weather.  When I said to my sister "March comes in like a lion," she told me "I hope it goes out like a lamb, and not some deranged demon sheep."

We are worried about Drew's uncle Marvin again.  Drew's sister posted on Facebook that Marvin is back in the hospital.  Marvin is 88 years old and hasn't been doing well for a long time.  Back in law school we used to joke about the legal principle called "the fertile octogenarian."  Frankly I'd be happy to label the octogenarians in my life "reasonably healthy".  Not going to happen, but a girl can dream, right?

Drew went back to work this week.  He's taking it slow, he's not fully healed from his back surgery.  He's getting better, slowly but surely.  So working has been rough.

He's got a few other issues going on.  So do I.  The joke is that we both must be out of warranty, everything is falling apart.  Can I trade in my old body for a newer model?

And the stress from dealing with Marc isn't helping.  There's goin to be another confrontation soon ....

We plan to do another staycation this summer.  There were a lot of things we wanted to do last year but never got around to doing.  This year we will plan our time better, I hope.  Concerts, ball games, road trips, it should be fun.

Ah, summer, how I've missed the warm weather ....

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