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Saturday, March 21, 2015

legal ticket scalping

I'm getting very frustrated with the market for concert tickets.

A concert in announced.  Tickets will go on sale on, let's say Monday, at 10:00 AM, at Ticketmaster or Live Nation or whatever.  You go on line at the appointed time, and despite being asked to type words or phrases to prove you're not a robot, you can't get tickets.

But within minutes, there are hundreds of tickets available on the secondary market sites like Stub Hub.

Sometimes you're lucky, if you go back to Ticketmaster or Live Nation an hour or two later, there are still tickets available, you just couldn't get them because of the heavy volume hitting the site at 10:00.  But all too often, your only choice is to pay inflated prices on the secondary market.

I really had to admire what Cat Stevens/Yusuf did vis a vis tickets for his U.S. tour.  In order to gain entry to the concert, you not only need your tickets, you need the credit card which was used to purchase the tickets.  There were no seats for sale on Stub Hub, you can't resell tickets unless you plan to show up with the buyer ... he cancelled his New York appearance, because apparently this type of arrangement does not comply with New York law.  Pity.

Well, I did land two face-value tickets to see Jimmy Buffett at Jones Beach in August, but it took a lot of effort.  And they're not exactly prime seats.  I may have to see what's available on the evil Stub Hub...

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