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Monday, March 9, 2015

I wanted to cry

Actually, I did cry ...for just a few minutes.

It's about Drew's uncle Marvin.

Drew is finally intervening in the situation. After what happened on Saturday, how could he not?

The poor man deserves some dignity, after all, some comfort in his declining years. He's 88 years old, he needs someone to look after him.

It's becoming increasingly clear that Drew's sister Shelley is not an appropriate caregiver on any level. Something needs to change.

Marvin had surgery last week, and afterwards they sent him to rehab not home. Drew and I went to see him on Saturday, at the rehab center.

He told Drew "At the hospital I told them I don't want to see Shelley, all she does is yell at me.  And I said I don't want to live with her anymore.  I have to tell them I didn't mean that."

Shelley had not been to see him at the hospital or at rehab. He has no phone, no connection to the outside world. And he wasn't able to go to the dining room, social activities, physical therapy, etc. because he has no clothes -- the clothes he wore to the hospital are soiled and in the laundry, and Shelley didn't bring him any clean clothes.

And when Drew called Shelley from rehab, she gave him an argument. We wound up going to Shelley's house, gathering up what we could, and bringing it back to rehab.

Broke my heart to see how grateful Marvin was for this small kindness.

Drew will be speaking with the social worker today.  We have to do what's best for Marvin.  And if it means Shelley will be angry, so be it.

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bookworm said...

My heart breaks, reading this. Why do so many of us not value, or even mistreat, our elderly? Alana

songbird's crazy world said...

I don't know, Alana. I just don't know. Poor man can't take care of himself anymore.

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