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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Margarita's Cafe

Located in a strip mall with a horribly small parking lot, Margarita's has quickly become a popular dining spot.

The space is long and narrow, with very high ceilings.  The room is divided, the dining area on one side of the wall, the bar (with space for a live band)  on the other.  Tables are somewhat close together.  Mexican folk art decorates the walls.  The acoustics -- well, it can get very loud. Don't plan on quiet dinner conversation, especially after the band starts to play.

The menu is very extensive, featuring steaks and seafood as well as tacos, burritos, enchiladas and the like.  I ordered arroz con pollo, chunks of grilled chicken stirred into seasoned rice -- nice garlicky flavor.  It was served with refried beans topped with just a dollop of melted cheese -- a nice accent, not overpowering.  Tostones -- fried plantains -- were served with dipping sauce.  The tres leches cake looked tempting, but I had fried ice cream instead -- be careful, the ice cream is very hard.

We didn't order the guacamole, but I watched them make a batch for the diners at the next table.  I'm definitely going to order that next time.

Yes, the food is definitely worth a return visit.

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