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Thursday, March 26, 2015

elder care woes

Drew went to see Marvin again at the nursing home earlier this week.  Drew asked him what he needs, and the only thing Marvin asked for was a clock.  It seems there's no clock in Marvin's room, and he's finding it hard to keep track of time.  Marvin's brother Les told Drew to buy Marvin whatever he needs, Les will be glad to pay for it.  The poor man wants so little..

The facility staff is meeting today to discuss a plan for Marvin, that is, where he should go once he finishes with rehab.  Drew has had a few good conversations with the folks the facility in anticipation of this meeting.  The social worker told Drew to anticipate a call from Adult Protective Services.  APS has been involved with Marvin's situation for since at least 2013,  they took over his financial affairs because they felt Shelley wasn't handling Marvin's limited resources properly, and there was some concern that his living environment wasn't suitable. I'm sure they will listen to Drew's concerns.

It's clear Marvin needs some supervised environment, that he cannot go back to Shelley's house due to his current physical limitations.  The physical therapist is recommending that he stay at the facility.  The social worker liked Drew's idea of the veteran's home, the nursing facility  where Drew's father spent his final months. 

(It's a good thing Drew has me around.  He doesn't have Marvin's discharge papers or any other proof Marvin is a veteran, and was unsure where to start to get that information.  I reminded Drew that Marvin used to go to the local VA hospital for his medical treatment.  They will have more than adequate proof he's entitled to veteran's benefits, enough to satisfy the requirements of the nursing home.)

And Shelley?

When she posted on Facebook last week that she was finally going to visit Marvin and that she was bringing him a box of matzo to nosh on, I couldn't help but think "It's a freebie she got in the supermarket."  Catty, I know, but oh so accurate.

She has not been included in the discussions with the social worker or the nursing staff at the facility.    She found out about the big meeting yesterday, and wound up in a huge fight with Drew over Marvin's care.  She told him "I'm going to sue APS."  (Good luck with that.)  Ultimately I think she will blame Drew for this situation. 


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