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Thursday, March 19, 2015


We had the opportunity to revisit Monsoon Asian Kitchen and Lounge.

Loved it last year.

I still think the place is a bit pretentious, but the food is excellent. Once again the menu has been revamped.

We started with the appetizer sampler platter. Bibb lettuce wraps with peanut dipping sauce were incredible. Spicy shrimp tempura had just the right bite without being overpowering. Yakitori steak was tender and flavorful. He liked the duck bun, I thought it was merely ok. Neither of us cared for the edamame dumplings, very bland.

Main courses were shaking beef -- filet mignon in a sweet soy glaze -- and tempura shrimp. The tempura batter was light and not greasy, the shrimp came with an interesting assortment of vegetables. The shaking beef was tender and tasty.

 Fried rice comes with a whole fired egg on top.  You're supposed to mix the egg into the rice, but we've never found a way to do that without spilling copious amounts of rice onto the table.  The dish, minus the egg, was a little bland.

Dessert menu didn't impress us.

Another successful evening, and we will be back.

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