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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Another This and That

So today is my parents' 56th anniversary.  They got engaged on a moonlit night in Miami, and got married a few months later, on Easter Sunday.  There are very few pictures of the wedding; the photographer my mother's cousin hired was not a union member, and the unionized catering hall staff said they'd walk out if the photographer was allowed to take pictures.  All the posed shots of my mother and father in their wedding attire were taken the following summer, and had to hide the fact that my mother couldn't button the wedding gown anymore -- I was born 11 months after they got married...

So my mom had her valve replacement up at Columbia-Presbyterian (which explains my late night drive on the Cross Bronx).She was in the hospital for four days.  She's doing well in her recovery.

Becca has decided to hold off on the apartment search for a few months.  She thinks she'll do better in the summer, the apartments she's seen lately are either too expensive or totally unsuitable.    Plus she's got friends who will be graduating from college in May, and that means a potential roommate situation may develop.  She really dodged a bullet with the" almost roommate", but she's not happy living at home.

Jen signed a contract for another summer at the day camp.  They have her working as an instructor for rock climbing, the zip line, etc., which is very good money.  But she says she's "done" with camp, and hopes to get a summer school position instead.    Her boyfriend is going to be tending bar on Fire Island most weekends; it's very good money, but Jen isn't happy about the time commitment.

The girls are talking about taking another "sisters trip" to Disney this summer.  In the meantime, Becca is planning a trip to Punta Cana in May with "friends"  (i.e., the new boyfriend I'm not supposed to know about just yet).

Drew and I, however, are planning another summer of "staycation". Money, medical matters, commitments to's tough being a responsible grown up sometimes.

It's going to be a strange Passover at my house this year.  With the kitchen in the current state of disrepair, my sisters are deciding whether to cook in someone else's house or simply buy the whole Seder meal ready to eat. No matter -- as long as we have the same Haggadahs, with 50 years of matzo crumbs between the pages, we will be fine.

Yes, a strange Passover.  But then again, my life is certainly not "normal".  I never imagined that I'd raise my children in my parents' house, or that after such an acrimonious divorce years ago I'd find myself involved with Drew again.  Yet here we are.  Take it as it comes.

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