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Friday, November 6, 2015

Taco Bell

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Taco Bell is not very high on my list of favorite fast food restaurants, I prefer Chipotle or Salsarita's if I want fast food Mexican style.  But Taco Bell's crunchy tacos...well, I was introduced to tacos in my college cafeteria (one of the few meals they prepared well),   every now and then I get a craving, and the crunchy tacos at Taco Bell remind me of the ones I ate in college.

I did not have a good experience at this location.  I made the mistake of parking my car and walking into the restaurant to order my food, when I should have stayed in my car and done the drive-through.  There were a handful of customers inside the restaurant, and each of us had the same unpleasant experience -- a 20 minute wait from the time we ordered or meals until the time our food was brought to the counter.  Meanwhile, drive-through customers  received their food within 2 minutes of placing their orders -- when you're waiting at the counter for your food, you have a clear view of the drive-through window, and especially of the timer located above the window.

An employee had to be asked to refill the napkin dispenser, and he did not refill any other supplies.  Tables needed to be bussed. 

So next time I will use the drive-through.  Or better yet, go somewhere else.

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