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Monday, November 2, 2015

Songbird Salutes the 70's: Disco

Last month my musical posts were right off a "classic rock" playlist.  This month I'd like to explore the other side of 70's music:  disco. 

A lot of people didn't like disco.  Some radio stations even sponsored "Disco Sucks" campaigns, where listeners were encouraged to destroy vinyl records containing the latest disco hits.  Obviously I wasn't part of that crowd.

Nor was  I t one of those disco types who spent every weekend dancing in a club.  But I liked the beat, I liked the sound, I liked to dance.  I have fond memories of The Rafters, a dance club I'd visit occasionally while in college.

The big movie of 1977 was Saturday Night Fever.  Starring John Travolta and featuring a score composed by the Bee Gees, it explored the disco phenomenon.    The music from the movie dominated the Billboard charts.

The movie poster featured Travolta, all black shirt and white suit, in an iconic dance floor pose. 

"Saturday night fever movie poster". Via Wikipedia -

It was the first "R" rated movie I'd ever seen.  It made an impression.

And I can't help but think of the movie every time I drive across the Verrazano Bridge.

Sadly, the sequel was awful.  And the recent stage version...not so good. 

But here it is, the opening sequence, featuring Travolta's famous strut and the incredible vocals of the Bee Gees:

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