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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jones Beach again

I was able to make a trip out there last week.  It's so different in the autumn, when there aren't huge crowds.

The day was fairly warm, but the water was very choppy. 

When I was at the beach for the breast cancer walk a few weeks ago, I parked my car at Field 4, near Central Mall, and I noticed that there were interesting mosaics in the pavement.  So on my most recent trip, I had to see the mosaics again.

 photo 20151030_155939.jpg photo 20151030_155947.jpg photo 20151030_160014.jpg photo 20151030_160025.jpg

I also noticed a 9/11 memorial.

 photo 20151030_160251.jpg photo 20151030_160315.jpg photo 20151030_160222.jpg

For some reason, the seagulls and the pigeons caught my attention.

 photo 20151030_154815.jpg photo 20151030_153858.jpg photo 20151030_145132.jpg photo 20151030_144834.jpg photo 20151030_144818.jpg

Down by Field 6, there were a lot of birds on the roof of the bathhouse.

 photo 20151030_144643.jpg photo 20151030_144522.jpg photo 20151030_144521.jpg

After I'd photographed the birds, I turned to take a few pictures of the high surf.

 photo 20151030_144628.jpg

Something must have startled the birds.

 photo 20151030_144633.jpg

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