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Sunday, November 15, 2015

John Cleese

I was never much of a Monty Python fan, but Drew is a devotee.  So when he heard John Cleese would be appearing at NYU, he simply had to buy tickets.
This appearance wasn't a "performance" per se.  It was set up as an interview of sorts, giving Cleese the opportunity to tell jokes and funny stories.
Afterwards those of us with VIP tickets went to a meet-and-greet for a photo opportunity.  And we also received autographed copies of his book.
It was an entertaining evening of irreverent and politically incorrect humor. 
He told a joke about two Jewish men, Abraham and Solomon, who have heard that a local church will pay anyone $1,000 of they convert.  Solomon decides he wants the money.  So he goes into the church.
Later he tells Abraham that he did, indeed, convert.  So Abraham asks him "Did you get the money? "
Solomon replies, "That's all you people ever think of, isn't it?"
Cleese refrained from his usual French jokes because of what happened in Paris Friday night.  The real pain from the terrorist attacks trumps all.
You couldn't help but notice  the tributes to Paris all around the city.
Afterwards we went to Chinatown, to our favorite Wo Hop.
Overall a great evening.

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