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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Another this and that

Successfully avoided Black Friday shopping. I ordered a few things on line because of decent discounts, but nothing amazing. Drew hit a few stores Thursday night, got a few deals. He needed a few things for Marvin. He saw Marvin yesterday, and now he has to go shopping again. I'm glad someone is paying attention to what Marvin needs.

I read that the outlet center where Becca used to work had unbelievable traffic jams. Drivers were complaining it took hours to leave the shopping center, even after the police brought in extra officers to help direct traffic. So glad Becca doesn't work there anymore.

Speaking of Becca, she hasn't said anything to me, but you don't have to be a detective to figure out she broke up with the boyfriend. He seemed nice enough, but I didn't think they were particularly well matched.

Jen is planning to spend Christmas Day at her boyfriend's house. I like her boyfriend, I think they make a nice couple. He took her to a Jets game for her birthday, he knows how to please my daughter.

We have a small get-together planned to night, celebrating a few birthdays at a Chinese restaurant. I did my birthday shopping before Thanksgiving. Should be a fun evening.

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