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Monday, May 18, 2015

the pollen tsunami

Almost everyone I know is suffering this allergy season, some more than usual. 
They're calling it  "the pollen tsunami". 

This past winter was very snowy.  The moisture is good for plant growth, everything is growing in abundance.  Very lush vegetation.

Winter was also very cold, and lingered well into spring.  You know what happens when there's a delayed spring?  All the plants that were supposed to bloom in the early spring bloomed late, so as soon as the weather got warm, everything bloomed at once.  Very pretty, of course, but deadly if you're sensitive to pollen.

My best friend these days is my little bottle of Claritin. and even then...well, I know it's allergy season just by the way I feel.


bookworm said...

My husband suffers terribly from sinus issues, and this has been a miserable spring for him.The only thing I'm grateful for is not living in places like Charleston or Savannah, where the pollen literally rains down and covers everything so you have to dig out your car each morning - it is terrible.

songbird's crazy world said...

I understand completely. My daughter is really suffering this year.

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