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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Most of my professional life was spent in lower Manhattan or Jersey City, NJ.

I now work in a suburban office park.  For the most part, my current job is wonderful.   The work is interesting.   My colleagues are wonderful. I'm 10 minutes from home, I no longer have to contend with the Long Island Railroad or the NYC subway. 


Working in lower Manhattan is fascinating.  You go out at lunchtime and within a short walking distance you find interesting food choices, shopping opportunities, large and small parks where you can sit and eat your lunch, plenty of opportunity to people watch.

Jersey City doesn't have the excitement of Manhattan, but it does have the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway.  Truly scenic, you can see the NYC skyline, the Statue of Liberty, the boats in the harbor.  You can walk, or you can find a place to sit and watch others. 

This little corner of suburbia is not pedestrian friendly.  Anything I want to do at lunchtime probably involves my car.


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