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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Stop and smell the flowers

We have several azaleas in the front yard.  There's always one that blooms a week or two before the rest.  As I was leaving for work the other morning, I noticed that the early azalea was in bloom, and I stopped to take a picture.  (I just love having a camera in my phone.)  During the short drive to the office, I noticed a lot of other things in bloom as well.  In keeping with this month's NaBloPoMo theme, here are my photos:

The azalea

 photo 20150429_090653.jpg

Some wildflowers

 photo 20150429_090816.jpg


 photo 20150429_091015.jpg

Love the forsythia

  photo 20150429_091607.jpg

Pretty little garden

 photo 20150429_092450.jpg

It's definitely pretty around here this time of year.

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