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Friday, May 22, 2015

American Airpower Museum

A bit of local history.

Republic Aviation was, at one time, one of Long Island's largest employers.  In the 1940's, Republic's defense plant in Farmingdale turned out fighter planes for the war effort.  Republic continued to produce military aircraft throughout the Cold War, ceasing operations in 1982.    Today the site is a small, regional airport.

Located in a hanger at Republic is a hidden treasure, the American Airpower Museum.  The focus, as you might imagine, is on WW II aircraft.    The museum owns several aircraft, including a few that still fly -- there are days when, for a fee, you can actually book a flight on one of the planes.

A section of the museum is devoted to the WASPS.  During the war, there was a shortage of men trained to fly military aircraft.  So that every available male pilot could be sent overseas into battle, women pilots flew the planes from the manufacturer to shipping ports.    The women in this group were known as the WASPS.

It's a small museum, takes only an hour or two to see everything.  But it was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning.

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