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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The photo you wish you had

Today is Mother's Day.  I will honor my mother, my daughters will honor me. There will be a family get-together.

But I am thinking of another Mother's Day, one from a lifetime ago.

It was my first Mother's Day as a mother, Jen was 6 months old.  And we were all at my parents' house for a family celebration.

And someone got the idea for a photograph.  Four generations.

So we posed.  My grandmother, eighty-nine years old at the time.  My mother.  My baby daughter.  And me.

Back then, in the days before digital photography and social media, you had to wait until you finished a roll of film before you took it to the drugstore to be developed.  And you'd get back one set, maybe two, of prints. 

I'm sure I saw the finished product, but no one thought to give me a copy of it.  I suspect the photo (and all the other pictures taken that day) is sitting in a box in my mother's closet. 

But for now it's a picture that exists only in memory.  A sweet memory of a sweet day. 

Happy Mother's Day, everyone.  Go make some memories.

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