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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Restaurant review -- Denny's

Yes, we like chains. You know exactly what to expect when you walk through the door. And wIth the demise of the Denny's location in Levittown, we now must travel to the Carle Place location to get our "slams".

We stopped by for a very late dinner one night. First issue -- the shared parking lot is a bit too small, even at that late hour the lot was fairly full, there were a lot of patrons at the bar next door.

This location is somewhat small -- a long, narrow room with tables and booths, and a lunch counter in the center of the room.

The food was ... Well, you know what you're getting at Denny's. A decent meal at a decent price.

The real issues here involve service. There was no hostess on duty at that hour, the sign tells patrons to proceed to the counter to be seated. Despite many empty booths and tables, the young man who greeted us left us standing by the counter while he bussed and cleaned a nearby booth.

Our waitress was friendly and accommodating, but ... Drew ordered steak and shrimp, and she forgot to add the shrimp to his order. He ordered his steak "medium rare", but it was served so undercooked that it looked raw inside. I had to ask for the Parmesan cheese that is supposed to accompany the spaghetti and meatballs. She never offered refills on our beverages.

If this is typical of the level of service at Denny's, they really need to up their game. With two great diners and a shiny new IHOP within shouting distance, they cannot afford to be this sloppy.

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