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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Jones Beach State Park

So I've been getting more actively lately, I've been doing some walking. 

One afternoon last week I headed over to Jones Beach.

Yes, the world-famous Jones Beach, the jewel in the crown of state parks on Long Island.

I'm usually at the park on summer evenings, when I've got ticket for a concert at the Jones Beach theater.  And I'm there for the annual breast cancer awareness walk in October.

But it's been a long  time since I visited in the off season, when there weren't throngs of beachgoers around.  I can to walk the Boardwalk, but found myself admiring the scenery.  The beaches, the dunes, the art deco buildings dating from the park's founding ...

The amazing architecture of the bathhouses:
 photo 20150501_153327.jpg

A view of the bathhouse and the famed water tower: 

 photo 20150501_153852.jpg

In summer, this is a fountain: 

 photo 20150501_163344.jpg

A balcony 

 photo 20150501_153317.jpg

Interesting  photo 20150501_163203.jpg

Wondering what this shack is for:   

 photo 20150501_162946.jpg

A seagull keeping watch 

 photo 20150501_163841.jpg

The beach and the dunes  

 photo 20150501_162943.jpg
 photo 20150501_162933.jpg

I walked a bit... photo 20150501_160655.jpg
 photo 20150501_155010.jpg
 photo 20150501_154919.jpg
 photo 20150501_153550.jpg


Suzanne said...

I think the shack is where you rented the beach umbrellas from.

songbird's crazy world said...

Either that, or a lifeguard shack.

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