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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Glass Jar

A few years ago, I told the story of The Glass Jar

My kids were babies, we were living in Queens, and Dunkin' Donuts was running a promotion. Spend a certain amount of money and you could buy a pumpkin shaped cookie jar, clear glass so you could see the contents. Every morning I'd drop the kids off at day care, and stop in Dunkin' Donuts for coffee on my way to the subway. But the jars proved very popular, so every time I walked into the store... They were out of jars. Very frustrating. Until one day, when I scored a glass jar. I was so happy!

A few years later, after I'd moved into my parents' house, somehow the lid of the jar got broken. Very disappointing, considering the effort I made to actually find the thing.

A few years ago, the jars started popping up on the internet. I was so happy! A small thing, this glass jar, but I was a bit obsessed ... Amazon ran out of the jars right after I bought one.

So you can imagine my reaction when I walked through KMart the other day and saw this display:

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