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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rosella's Pizzaria

I was actually on my way to somewhere else when the smell of marinara enticed me into Rosella's. A real hole in the wall kind of place, no decor to speak of. Just a huge counter, a pizza oven, a handful of tables and a kitchen in the back.

Got on line and started contemplating all the different types of pizza. Buffalo chicken. Meat lovers. Pepperoni. Sausage.

And went with the classic -- New York style pizza, thin crust, topped with sauce and cheese. Simply perfect.

One minor complaint. The refrigerator has bottles of Snapple, but if you want a coke, it seems your options are limited to fountain drinks. Not practicable when I ordered my pizza "to go", and had to walk back to my office.

I think I'll be back soon, maybe for a meatball hero.

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