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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dining on nostalgia

So usually at Ben's I'll order pastrami on rye.  But I just wasn't feeling it tonight.  Had to do something different.
Hmmmm. ..stuffed cabbage?  Haven't had that in years.  My grandmother used to make it, but that was a long time ago.  A very long time ago.
So they brought out a plate so full it could easily feed two people,  maybe even three.  Two huge rolls, seasoned ground beef with a bit of rice to bind it, wrapped in tender leaves of cabbage, swimming in a rich sauce.  There were raisins in the sauce,  a nice touch.
You get a choice of potatoes with your entree.  My selection was potato pancake -- a single pancake the size of Montana,  crispy but not greasy on the outside, moist and tasty inside.  It was accompanied by applesauce.
You also get a vegetable.   I chose zucchini,  which was combined with cooked tomatoes.   That's something else I haven't had in years -- my mother used to buy canned zucchini and tomatoes when I was a little girl.
The bread basket contained slices of their famous rye with "Smart Balance", a vegan butter substitute (no dairy in this kosher restaurant! )
Yet another reason to love Ben's.

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