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Friday, October 24, 2014

Observations from the "mommy" front (20-somethings edition)

Darling daughter, yes I know I have eyes in the back of my head, but after all this time you should realize that I am not a mind reader. I wouldn't have parked behind you if I had known you were leaving first.

I guess boyfriends are special, you never bake chocolate chip cookies for us.

And while we're on the subject...I know young love is wonderful, but your sister is still getting over her breakup, can you be a little kinder to her and stop shouting about how you have a boyfriend?

Ladies, there was a reason we agreed on a morning schedule for the bathroom.

I'm glad you can wear each other's clothes, but please, no fighting. Don't take your sister's shirt/sweater/raincoat without asking.

Isn't it amazing how "but mom, it's not a lot of money" becomes "I can't believe how expensive it is!" when you have to pay for it out of your own salary.

It's much easier for me to help you fill out financial forms if I can actually see the form.  We live in the same house, After all, so why do you wait until I'm at work and then call my office with your questions?

A grown woman should not be carrying on like a scared child about getting a flu shot, especially when she never carried on like that about vaccines when she was actually a child. I really didn't find that act amusing. At least you brought your sister for "emotional support". Glad it's done now, I really don't want any of us bringing the flu home to Grandpa.

And can we try to be a little more patient with Grandma?

Yes, I get it, you can't meet that cute boy who you see on the train if you're sitting with your mom.  Yeah, you told me it was  a group of "friends", but I know better.  I've got my iPad, go ahead and sit near him. But you can come over here and sit with me if he doesn't show up.

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