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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Julep plié wand

So when your site is devoted primarily to nail polish, of course you're going to offer tools and toys to use with your product.

I'd been eying the plié wand for weeks before I finally succumbed.

The object of this wand is to improve your control when you polish your nails, to keep polish off of your cuticles, etc. I usually wind up using my Sally Hansen No More Mistakes corrector pen, so you can see the allure of the plié wand.

The wand comes in two pieces, a brush and a handle. The brush fits into your bottle of nail polish, then magnetically attaches to the handle, which pivots.

I've used the wand once. It was not a success. Maybe I need more practice. But in the meantime, I'm not throwing out my Sally Hansen corrector.

I also ordered a $5 mystery add-on. Surprise, surprise -- it was nail polish. I didn't really need any more polish, but each bottle retails for a lot more than $5, so it's a bargain.

The colors are very bold, not at all conventional.

Yes, I'm going to experiment with color.

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