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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another this and that

The weather has turned markedly colder, I actually had to break out a heavy jacket yesterday. Guess winter is right around the corner. I hope it's not as nasty as last year!

Halloween is coming! Looks like I will still be working In the city, we are supposed to move to the island first week of November. So I will have to give some thought to what we plan to do that night.

Wondering what do do about New Year's Eve. Always drama there, and not the good kind. Elton John is doing a show at the Barclay Center. I've never seen him live. The tickets available on StubHub are reasonably priced for the type of event, but still kind of expensive ....but if Drew and I go to the concert, we won't get caught up in the drama ...

Don't even get me started on the Thanksgiving drama ... It used to be my favorite holiday.

So yesterday I did a really ditsy thing. I'd gone to the trouble of packing lunch. Took it out of the refrigerator and put the lunch bag next to my tote bag. But somehow in the rush to leave for work I managed to leave my lunch on the kitchen table. I didn't realize it until Becca and I were on the train. Fortunately Jen was still at home when I texted her, and she put the food back into the fridge.

Of course, that left me without lunch and no idea what I wanted to eat.

I found myself on John Street, at the Subway sandwich shop. That location has a daily deal -- if you order the 'sub of the day" you get a six inch sub for $3. The sub of the day is different every day.

You're going to laugh when I tell you which sandwich is Monday's sub of the day.

Yes, I finally got my meatball sub.😃😃b

And I even got coupons for next time.

But can anyone tell me -- when is 11/31/14?

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Unknown said...

Go see Elton. The expense will be worth it to avoid drama. :)

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