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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Corrective lenses

Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses.

What complete and utter nonsense!

It’s really nothing serious, but to hear my daughter talk about it…you’d think it was a major tragedy. A turning point in her life, so to speak.

She must have been 6 or 7 when the ophthalmologist told me she had an astigmatism and needed glasses. I dutifully filled the prescription, had her fitted for pretty frames.

She almost never wore her glasses.

The next year, the doctor told me “Don’t worry about it, she doesn’t need them anymore.”

So we forgot about it. Every year we’d see the doctor, and he’d tell me her eyes were fine.

She was 16 when she got her learner’s permit. No problem passing the vision test at the DMV.

The first sign of trouble came3 years ago, when she was still in college. She needed to renew her driver’s license. She could do it by mail, but she’d have to go to an optometrist and have him send in the results of a vision test.

He told her she needed glasses!

She freaked.

Came running home, went to our ophthalmologist. He siad, “You’re fine. If you want to make driving at night a bit easier, you can wear glasses at night, a very mild prescription.

She never bothered.

But now…

She needs glasses. She needs to wear them all the time or she can’t see. Contacts are out of the question because of the astygmatism. But the good news is, she is a good candidate for lasik or some similar procedure.

It’s my fault, you know. It’s all in the genes. Or so she said.


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