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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Greek food and TV night

Long day at work. Long week at work. Long train ride back to the island. Long drive from the train station to Drew's house.

One very tired songbird.

So we opted for takeout and television. Police dramas -- Hawaii 5-0 and some new show called Blue Blood - Tom Selleck as the NYC police commissioner.

And food from Souvlaki Stop.

Everyone needs a good Greek place where you can get a decent meal for a decent price. I had my usual, the lamb platter -- chunks of tender lamb served with rice pilaf, a warm, chewy pita bread and Greek salad. And good, garlicky tzaziki sauce. Drew's platter was a special request, a combo of beef and gyro meat.

Plenty of leftovers to enjoy for lunch, of course.

This being primarily a takeout place, the menu is somewhat limited. But the food is excellent, a good value for the money. Guess that's why we keep going back.

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