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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wednesday HodgePodge

From this Side of the Pond

The weekly HodgePodge from Joyce:

1. April is National Jazz Appreciation Month. Are you a fan? If so what's a favorite you'd recommend to someone new to jazz listening?
I can't really say I am a fan of jazz.  but that's because I don't know much about the genre.   I do like what I have heard, but I can't really tell you much about my likes and dislikes.

2. Mandolin, ukulele, harp, accordion or banjo...which would you be most interested in learning to play? Or do you already play one of the instruments listed?

I took piano lessons (I don't play), viola lessons (I don't play) and guitar lessons (I don't play).  I suppose that, of the instruments listed, I'd most want to try the mandolin.  It sounds pretty. 

 3. Do you judge a book by it's cover? Elaborate. You may answer in either/both the literal or figurative sense of the word.

Literally, yes, I judge a book by its cover.  The publisher chose that cover to convey the idea behind the book.

Figuratively, not so much.  I have to remind myself occasionally that people are more than what they apear to be. 

 4. According to a recent study the ten most nutritious foods are-almonds, cherimoya (supposed to taste like a cross between a pineapple/banana), ocean perch, flatfish (such as flounder and halibut), chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, swiss chard, pork fat (shocking! but I don't think they mean bacon), beet greens, and red snapper. Are any of these foods a regular part of your diet? Any you've never ever tasted? Which would you be most inclined to add to your diet?

I'm focusing on healthy eating again.  I love almonds, I eat flatfish on a regular basis, and I've been known to eat red snapper occasionally.  I like Swiss chard, and I  have no objection to beet greens.  I don't cook with pork, so I wouldn't be using pork fat.  I'd love to try cherimoya.  Pumpkin seeds are OK, but I just can't see myself eating chia seeds.  If I were eating them, I would keep thinking about this:

 5. Besides a major holiday what is the most recent thing you've celebrated with your people? Tell us how.

Drew hit a milestone birthday in February and we had a very nice party.  We took everyone to a nice Italian restaurant.  Good food, good wine, good friends.

 6. Insert your own random thought here.

It's finally spring, and I can feel my attitude changing for the better.


Preppy Empty Nester said...

It certainly doesn't feel like Spring around here. Enjoy your weather!

Liz A. said...

I did not know chia seeds were a food until I ran across a smoothie recipe that used them. It makes the smoothie nice and thick. The seeds are black, and once ground up, you barely notice them.

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