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Sunday, June 5, 2016

X-Men:Apocalypse -- possible spoilers

Yes, there is a Stan Lee cameo.  Yes, there is an Easter egg after the credits.  And yes, there is an uncredited cameo that fans will see coming a mile away.

I heard the reviews of the  movie were so-so, but I am a fan and I enjoyed the movie.

It's set in 1986, and the pop culture of that era is evident -- the music, a character playing Ms. Pacman, a debate about the three Star Wars movies.  There's also a nice salute to the original Star Trek series.

An ancient and powerful mutant has awakened, and wants to lead the mutants in subduing humanity, so that mutants will rule the world as demigods.  Charles Xavier and company oppose him, of course. Lots of action, lots of great special effects -- especially in 3D -- and we get to find out how Charles lost his hair.

The Magnito back story -- his childhood in Auschwitz -- fascinates me.  He's a complex character, more wounded than evil.  His background becomes very important in this movie.  the destruction of Auschwitz is a powerful piece of cinema, something usually beyond the scope of a super heroes action movie.

A fun movie, worth seeing.

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