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Friday, June 24, 2016

So....about that convention...

As you may recall, Drew and I are fans of the 1960's Gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows.  Well, truth be told, he's the real fan, I merely like the show.  Two years ago, we spent a weekend at a Dark Shadows fan convention in Tarrytown, NY, listening to the actors reminisce, buying memorabilia, enjoying time with other fans of the show.  At that time, Drew told me he'd like to come back in 2016, for the convention that would honor the show's 1966 premiere.

Some friends of ours planned to go to this year's convention as well.  The plan was to get a couple of hotel rooms in  Tarrytown and spend the weekend. 

We sent in the money for this year's convention back in March.  Our friends received their tickets  a short time later.  But we received a refund, with a note explaining that the convention was sold out. 

Oh, well.

And then.... the guy who we planned to go to the convention with belongs to a Dark Shadows Facebook group.  A few days ago, he connected with one of the other group members, who has tickets but cannot go to the convention because of a family emergency. 

Guess who bought the tickets.

You guessed.

The plans have changed slightly.  We're not getting a hotel room in Tarrytown.  It's a 90 minute drive from Long Island to Tarrytown, we'll do the drive both days.

But yes, we're going to the convention after all.

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