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Sunday, June 12, 2016


When I think of Orlando, I think of vacations. Of happy times. The thrill of landing at MCO, the excitement of traveling to Disneyworld, to Universal/Islands of Adventure, To Seaworld. My first visit, in 1987, we drove to Cape Canaveral, took a cruise to the Bahamas, then drove back to Orlando for some time at Disney. How many times have I vacationed in Central Florida? I can plan a vacation like that in my sleep.

Orlando should be about Mickey Mouse.

Not about the worst mass shooting in our country's history.

Hate crime? Terrorism? Insanity?

Does it really matter?

The shooter used an assault rifle. A weapon designed for one purpose: to kill people.

A weapon he most likely bought legally.

Why does anyone except a soldier need an assault rifle?

50 people dead. 53 injured, many in critical condition.

Why? Why?

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bookworm said...

We all ask ourselves "why" yet again. Again and again. Alana

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