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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

worried for a friend -- update

At the beginning of April, I posted some fears I have for a good friend of mine.  You can read the original post here.

To recap:  delightful woman, full of life, but extremely obese, a diabetic,  and not doing anything to work towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Back in April, she was admitted to the hospital with a foot ulcer -- a very very serious complication for anyone with diabetes.  She had surgery and a lengthy hospital stay, followed by a stint in a rehab, and was eventually sent home with IV antibiotics. 

That was around the middle of May.  A week or so later, she posted on Facebook that she would be getting hyperbaric treatments at a different hospital, because the foot wound wasn't  healing properly.  But don't worry, she told me, she'd be at the Memorial Day barbecue. 

A few days later, she posted on Facebook that she was being rushed to the hospital, the one with the hyperbaric chamber.   And then she posted that she was in a private room at that hospital.

She hasn't said much else, either publically or privately, other than how much she missed coming to the barbecue.

But I know how to read between the lines.  And I am very, very worried about her. 


Suzanne said...

Oh no. Sounds like MRSA or some other infection has set in. I've been down this road before, my friend and the outcome was not good for my SIL. Hang in there.

bookworm said...

I am worried also. My father was diabetic as is one of my husband's cousins; the latter has had many foot issues and has lost part of one foot to infection. One of my in laws had MRSA several years ago (different cause) it took him over a year and two hospitalizations to finally recover. I will wish her well.

songbird's crazy world said...

thanks. she's having another surgery tomorrow, I'm hoping it helps.

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