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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cheer coach redux

So you may remember that Jen was a varsity cheerleader in high school. She didn't cheer in college, but did maintain a relationship with her high school team.

She graduated from college and took a job with a local nursery school. So when the junior varsity cheer team at her old high school needed a coach, she was able to take the job. The girls on the team loved her, and she was a very effective coach -- she took her team to competition, and came home with a trophy.

The following year she got a job as a paraprofessional in our school district. And she was promoted to varsity cheer coach. She loved coaching, loved the girls on her team.

Did not love the drama from a school administrator who refused to treat her like a professional, or a j.v. coach who wanted her job and tried to undermine her at every opportunity. So the following year, she resigned. (And watched the j.v. coach singlehandedly destroy the cheer program. Needless to say, the district hired someone else after that.)

Well, Jen got a better job in another school district, she's a teaching assistant in the middle school. The woman who has been coaching the middle school team can't do it anymore. So Jen has been hired to be the coach!

She's excited, of course. She loves cheer. She needs to complete her certification -- now that cheerleading is recognized as an official sport, coaches must be properly certified.

I'm remembering from when Jen was a cheerleader and Becca was on dance team that the district where Jen works always did well in competitive dance, but not on cheer competitions. Jen tells me that the team she will be coaching hasn't done competitions. She plans to build the team in 2016-2017, and then decide if she wants to compete the following year.

Still, it's good to have Coach Jen back. I'm sure she will have a great year.

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