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Friday, May 20, 2016

Weight loss issues

So yesterday, I got on the scale, noted my weight, and logged it in my Fitbit app.

I've linked my Fitbit account to my account at My Fitness Pal, so the data syncs between the two.

So when I opened My Fitness Pal later that morning, I was greeted with  "songbird has lost 60 pounds so far".

60 pounds.  A milestone. 

I still have a lot to go.

But where am I going?

Well, let's start with the short term goal, that's a lot easier.

Drew and I are planning a Caribbean cruise in October.  It will be our first vacation that isn't tied to the school calendar, it's in celebration of his retirement.  (Or rather, semi retirement.  He plans to work as a substitute teacher, which means he works when he wants, and can take off time at his discretion.)

So the short term goal is to lose weight before the cruise.  I've set a goal of 15 pounds.  Very doable, I think. 

I haven't decided how I will handle food  -- will I track my calories or not -- but I am planning to be active on the cruise.  We like to go sightseeing, which involves a lot of walking.  I'm sure to visit the beach and/or use the pool.  And the ship has a modern, state of the arts fitness center.  I'm actually looking forward to checking out the fitness center.  Who would ever have believed it?

But long term goal?

Last year, when I joined Weight Watchers, I was given a chart -- you look up your height, and the chart shows a healthy weight range.  I'm 5 feet tall.  the range on that chart was ...well, Jen is an inch shorter than I am, she's healthy and at a good weight, and she weighs more than what the chart told me I should weigh. Becca is two inches taller than me, she's naturally very thin, and she weighs more than what the chart told me I should weigh.   Not going to happen.

So I guess I'll have to rely on my doctors to tell me what' a healthy weight for a person of my height and age. 

Only problem is, the doctors don't agree. 

Last year, when I consulted the bariatric surgeon, he told me he'd get me down to ...what I weighed when I was 13.  And yes, I'd reached my adult height at 13.  I looked cute at 13.

But one of my other doctors, who has been treating me for years, suggested I'd be happiest at what I weighed  when I got married in 1987.  I was 30 pounds heavier in 1987 than I was when I was 13.  I wasn't happy with my weight in 1987. 

I am a middle aged woman, not a teenager.  I  don't need to look like a fashion model.  I just want to be healthy and active. 

So I guess I'm aiming form something in the middle, something less than what weighed on my wedding day, but more than what I weighed in my teens. 

We'll see how it goes.


bookworm said...

I wish I could get down to the weight I was when I was 23 but that would never happen with a healthy me. I aimed for what I weighed in 1998 before my study march up the scale really began in earnest (which agreed with what WW said my goal weight should be) and I attained it a year later. But now, I am struggling. I would be terrified of taking a cruise right now. I hope you meet your goals and have a great time. Alana

Suzanne said...

I'm hoping to get to what I weighed a month after I had my younger son. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and it was not an unrealistic weight, but if I can get back into a size 10, I'd be very happy.

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