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Monday, May 2, 2016

I'm talking baseball...

So the baseball season is in full swing.  tonight Drew and I will make our first trip of the season to Citi Field.  Seats aren't great, but you can't complain when the tickets were free.  And we always have a good time at a Mets game.  And considering how hot the team is ...did you see that 12 run inning against the Giants Friday night?

Drew and I lived in Queen for a few years, back when our children were babies.  The joke was that if we were watching a Mets game and it started to rain at Shea, we'd run to close our windows.  I used to put the kids in the double stroller and walk around the neighborhood, there was an overpass over the Van Wyck  where I could stand and look north and see that familiar bright blue and orange stadium.

Alas,  though I tried to raise them right, my kids ....became Yankees fans.  Last weekend Jen organized a trip with her boyfriend Matt and a group of their friends, they went up to the Bronx to watch the Yankees lose to Tampa Bay.

And a few days before that, Becca was at a Yankees game with David-who-is-not-her-boyfriend.

but they come by it honestly, I guess.  My mother was born and raised in the Bronx.  Her first official date with my dad was to Yankee Stadium to see DiMaggio play.  I think my dad knew she was "the one" even then -- how else would you get a Brooklyn boy, a born-in-the-shadow-of-Ebbets-Field fan into Yankee Stadium???

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