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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Plattduetsche Park Restaurant

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Part restaurant, part catering hall, part biergarten, Plattduetsche Park does it all. 

We were mostly interested in the food, so we chose to eat in the main dining room  -   a small but very bright and airy room behind the bar.  I loved the Hummels in the bay window.  Waitresses in dirndls.  Easy enough to get seating here on a Saturday night in summer, when most patrons were more interested in the outdoor activities. 

The breadbasket appeared on our table with amazing speed -- large rolls, both hearty wheat and pumpernickel.

We started our meal with the Little Bavarians  -  mini pretzel rolls filled with slices of bratwurst, bacon and Swiss cheese, served with two types of mustard.  I could easily have made a meal out of these sliders. 

I ordered the wiener schnitzel, a breaded and fried veal cutlet.  A very generous portion of veal, crispy on the outside, tender veal inside, not at all greasy.  It was served with lingonberries, sweet berries that had been cooked down to a a sauce like consistency; I was expecting something a bit more tart, like the lingonberry jam I buy at IKEA, but the sweetness of the berries contrasted nicely with the sourness of the red cabbage -- possibly the best red cabbage I've ever eaten.  The spaetzle were a bit bland, but otherwise OK. 

Drew ordered the Jaeger schniztel, pan seared veal with mushrooms.  He found the dish to be tender and tasty.  Since he does not care for red cabbage, he asked for sauerkraut instead.  I tasted the sauerkraut, and all I can say is this:  Any comparison between what was on that plate and the stuff you put on hot dogs is purely coincidental.  Yes, it was that good. 

As always, even with packing up a lot of leftovers, we were too full for dessert.  Pity, because the desserts looked amazing.  Maybe next time.

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