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Monday, May 9, 2016

Another this and that

So Drew and I are still playing catch up with Game of Thrones.  While everyone else is watching season six, we're still on season three.  This weekend we finally saw "The Red Wedding", where Rob Stark and his wife and mother are killed in a bloodbath.  I knew what was coming, but still...Maybe we'll catch up in time to watch the last two seasons in real time, so no one will accidentally spoil it for us.

Had our typical Mother's Day celebration yesterday.  My sisters cooked, and we had cake from Reinwlads and cookies from Dortoni's for dessert.  My daughters treated me to a manicure at their new favorite salon.  I tried a gel manicure for the first time.  What do you think of it?


The weather has been cold and rainy  for almost a week. I thought it was the beginning of April, not early May.  But that changed today, the sun is out, and I can't wait to hit the jogging path at lunchtime. I need to get the exercise, I ate far too much yesterday and I'm feeling sluggish. 

Speaking of overeating...Drew's Memorial Day barbecue is less than three weeks away.  It's going to be a smaller than normal group this year. Drew's aunt and uncle will be visiting her family in Brazil.    His sister still isn't speaking to him.  We've had one couple break up a few weeks ago.  Other friends have moved away.  It's sad.  But those of us who will be there are sure to have a good time.

First world problem:  when to see Captain America: Civil War.  The movie opened this weekend, but we couldn't get the right tickets.  We want to see it in IMAX 3D, but only in an IMAX theater with the comfy chairs and reserved seating.  And we can't go this coming Saturday, we've got tickets to see a Ducks game.  Sigh.

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