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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Captain America: Civil War (possible spoilers)

So OK, we usually see these blockbusters the weekend the open.  But this time around, we wanted IMAX/3D/reserved seating, and weren't able to come up with a theater that met all those criteria at a time that we could go to the movies.  So we settled for 3D and reserved seating -- gotta love those comfy reclining chairs!

So this is billed as a "Captain America" movie, but it's really an "Avengers" movie, with all of the major characters except  Thor and the Hulk.  The focus, though, is on Steve Rogers/Captain America, his relationship with Bucky/the Winter Soldier, Agent Carter, etc.   Politics and other circumstances has put Captain America at odds with Tony Stark/Ironman, and the rest of the Avengers line up behind one or the other.  Stark recruits Spider Man (yes, another reboot) and Rogers recruits Antman -- interesting crossovers. 

The movie is short on plot and very long on action/battle scenes.  There is humor along the way -- I loved Stan Lee's cameo. 

One of the best scenes, from a technology standpoint, is when Tony Stark plays the holographic images of his younger self with his parents.  Downey filmed the scene, and the special effects geniuses found images of Downey's face  from his early movies to superimpose over the older man's face.

Definitely a fun movie.  And do stay for the credits, there's a bonus scenes mid credits and a second bonus scene after the credits end -- setting us up for a new Spiderman movie and a new Black Panther movie.

Can't wait.

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